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Increase duration of erection

High levels of testosterone

Physical comfort of men

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The effects of taking the product

Contributes for improvement of the libido, potency and blood to the genitals and increase the quality and duration of erection;

Helps for the increase of the volume, vitality and motility of spermatozoa, respectively fertility;

Contributes to the maintaining quality of sexual function and high levels of testosterone in men;

Favours the easing the symptoms of andropause;

Helps for the acceleration of the burning of fat and build muscle mass in active sportsmen and women

Contributes for reducing stress and fatigue, improves mood, tone and overall work of the central and peripheral nervous system

Stimulates the antioxidant defenses of the body, increases energy, mental and physical comfort of men

Our Satisfied Customers Reviews

“My girlfriend surprised me with this product. This unexpected present gave us unbelievable pleasure ... :) ”

Franchesko Di Stefano Italy

“2 months ago I returned from a trip to Thailand, where I enjoyed the unexpected pleasures. When I saw the product i couldn't resist and I bought it immediately. Now I have this delighted Thai euphoria in my every day and every night life ;) ”

Karl RitterGermany


Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule 2-3 times daily without regard to meals. In the presence of gastric irritation recommended intake after meals.
Recommended the alternation on 6-week daily intake and 2-week break. very best for any occasion!