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Doctor Rumen Bostandjiev is one of the leading sexologist and psychologist in Bulgaria. You can see his opinion about our multifunctional energizer and aphrodisiac:

“The Secret of Men's Pleasure "! Time for assessment.

The cold wind reminds us that the end of the year is coming and with it comes the time for assessment. What have we achieved and what not in professional and personal file? Questions that cause contradicting feelings if we remember and not very pleasant mo...Read More

The price of wandering! The Challenge of ''The Secret of Men's Pleasure''!

Every day in my office I meet men who come to me after a long stroll on any sites and forums recommending them all sorts of "magic" pills for sexual power.

The first condition for successfully dealing with the problems in sexual expression is to adequa...Read More

The modern long-term solution! More about '' The Secret of Men's Pleasure ''!

In modern psychology and integrative science for man, the twenty-first century marked a major breakthrough in the efforts of specialists around the world. From focusing on problems and pathology, modern science is increasingly interested in human well-being and its ability to...Read More

Professional expression and intimate life of man! More from '' The Secret of Men's Pleasure ''!

One of the most popular theories explaining the relationship between an intimate couple and a family, which is crucial for the well-being of these communities are the commensurate investments and contributions that the parties make in them. Traditionally, the woman is more co...Read More

Inseparable male companies

Often in my office I hear feminine criticism against the unwillingness of the married man to part with his bachelor and bachelor habits. The interpretations of this protest could be varied, but let's try to understand what exactly makes some men so arrogantly defend their unt...Read More

The role of the father in the life of the man

One of the main features of the modern family is its instability. Notwithstanding the sincere desire of the partners, their community to survive until the end of their days, more than half of the families in modern societies are disbanded up to the ...Read More

The role of the mother and the woman in a man's life!

The issue, regarding the impact that women have on men is inexhaustible. If we focus more closely on intimate relationships, a good starting point is the thesis of the famous American family therapist, Virginia Satir. Based on her many years of clinical experience, she claims...Read More

How to restore the erection with "The Secret of Men's Pleasure"?

For the past seventeen years, there has too much  been written about the so-called. "Erectile dysfunction". Irrespective of the polar differences among professionals about whether all erectile dysfunction should be considered a disease-impaired function (disfunction), ev...Read More

Is there 'chemistry' in love? '' The Secret of Men's Pleasure '' in the couple's life!

Spring is more and more convincingly reminiscent of itself, and with it the vibratory powers of love in each of us awakens. Erotic gusts are one of the most brilliant expressions of vitality, so it is no wonder that our eyes are more and more eagerly looking for and discoveri...Read More

SEASONS IN MAN'S LIFE: In the years between 18-30 (part 1-a)!

No matter how different we are, there are many common things in everyone's lives. They allow us to outline the main challenges and the actual tasks for man in every specific period of his life. When we realize the choices we have to make and the difficulties we have to overcome, we are prepared a...Read More

THE SEASONS IN MAN 'S LIFE : In the years between 30-40 (part 2-a)!

The man between 30 and 40 years old

Whatever the conditional period of the man's life cycle for decades  may be, it still reflects the natural logic of life. Therefore, as the ancients have said - "Man is well to live with women." Regardles...Read More

SEASONS IN MAN'S LIFE: In the years between 40-50 (part 3)!

The man between 40 and 50 years old

Not known why, for many people, this period is related to so many to the so called. "Middle Age Crisis". However, as we have learned in situations of permanent social crises, the crisis could also be seen as a collap...Read More

SEASONS IN MAN'S LIFE: In the years between 50-60 (part 4)!

The man between 50 and 60

The entry into the sixth decade seems to be a "distribution station", from which various trains leave. Which one you will go to, or rather, where you go, you choose with your partner or yourself if she decides to travel in ano...Read More

THE SEASON IN MAN'S LIFE: The man over sixty (part 5)

This age is a real challenge. Only a few decades ago most people did not reach it at all. For today's man, however, the age of sixty could be the "golden age", even in the harsh Bulgarian conditions. As long as you have an idea and a courage to do it.

...Read More

What is an aphrodisiac? About "The Secret of Men's Pleasure"!

The word "aphrodisiac" is related to the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Since immemorial time people have believed that the intake of certain foods, herbs and other substances enhances sexual desire and makes sexual expression more impressive. People are still reluc...Read More

What is energizer? Some more about '' The Secret of Men's Pleasure ''!

In the life of modern man, two things are of key importance- information and energy. It means knowing what we are doing and to be able to do it. And while the information is being pounded from everywhere today, our energy seems to be less and less sufficie...Read More

WHEN WISHING FOR CHILD TURNS INTO A PROBLEM! '' The Secret of Men's Pleasure '' and Reproducibility!

For a great regret, many couples' desire to have their own child has become a difficult task.

The trivial medical reasons for the so-called reproductive problems lead to reproaches and spells such as "Why did you wait so long ?" and "In these years, th...Read More

For "The Secret of Men's Pleasure" and for the other things!

Since the product "The Secret of Men's Pleasure" is on the market, I get lots of phone calls with questions from interested citizens. One of the most common queries is related to the expectation that the new means to "enhance male power"

The first asso...Read More


Today, the majority of physicians who identify themselves as experts in the field of sexual medicine tend to interpret sexual problems such as disorders of the functioning of the genitals or the body as a whole caused by various disease processes. Following this medical tradi...Read More

About the desire and the ones that are keen on it !

What a great thing is the desire!

In the direct sense of the word, the desire holds this world. It allows the world to stay in time. It gives to the world color and meaning.Through desire we feel that we are truly alive. It connects us to a new life an...Read More

About the so called "Erectile Dysfunction" and "The Secret of Men's Pleasure"

The most common occasion for people to look for means to improve erections are various problem situations traditionally labeled with the startling cliche "Erectile Dysfunction"

What, in fact, is behind this dreadful concept that has been aggressively p...Read More

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